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STYS Commercial Services

New cleaning generation service for new generation cleaning problem



We understand that not every cleaning company can deliver on their promises, but at STYS COMMERCIAL SERVICES.

We make it our differentiator. We offer a customized cleaning program that prioritizes health, protects natural resources, and up hold the highest standards of quality, all backed by our "NoWorries" guarantee. 

Our experienced professionals carefully measure your need and incorporate Our professional knowledge of the industry to create a unique service.

This is why at STYS commercial services we let it to you, the customer to make your own opinions on our services by offering you 30 days free trial 

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Quality Control

we prioritize maintaining a healthy environment through rigorous cleaning quality control. Our approach involves regular inspections, audits, and spot checks to ensure thorough sanitation. 
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Our Services


We work every day in pursuit of perfection, and to maintain the trust of our customers and our accomplishments are seen in the testimonials of every customers.


Ottawa, ON, Canada


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